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AD高温高压染布机  AD high temperature  high pressure dyeing machine

AD高温高压染布机 AD high temperature high pressure dyeing machine

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AD High Temperature  High Pressure Dyeing Machine with high efficiency  economy is a kind of equipment which can meet the challenge of market demand.It has the characteristics of low production cost  frst-lass qualty of dyed fabric.A well-designed dye circulation system is adopted to make the fabric run smoothly at a very low bath ratio of 1:5-7.

This equipment is especially suitable for dyeing  treating knitted fabrics,light  thin fabrics,wool fabrics  raw fabrics weighing less than 500 grams,light  thin fabrics weighing 80 grams  fabrics with poor water permeability.Many kinds of different fabrics can be dyed everywhere,which has the advantages of high efficiency,low energy consumption,simple operation,convenient maintenance  less foor area.The airborne cloth volume is 250 kg/pipe, the cloth speed is 150 M-300 m/min.

产品特点Product ch aracteristics

●缩短工艺时间Reducing process time

节省工艺耗时,增加生产效率Save process time  improve production efficiency

深色织物染色时间只要298分钟The dyeing time of dark fabrics is only 298 minutes.

●耗水量低Low water consumption

单位布重量耗水量低Low water consumption per unit cloth weight

少的排放,环保Less emissions,more environmen tally friendly

节省蒸汽消耗Save Steam Consumption

节省污水处理Save Sewage Treatment

节省染料和化学助剂Save dyes  chemical additives

●减少耗电量Reducing power consumption

主泵马达采用变频器软启动Soft start of main pump motor with frequency converter

较短的染色工艺Shorter dyeing process

不要停机的排放技术Advanced emission technology without shutdown

●恒定的染色水比Constant dyeing water ratio

每管在200-250载量范围内染色水比可保持1:5-7 The dyeing water ratio of each tube can be maintained at 1:5-7 within 200-250 load range.

并且运行畅顺 it runs smoothly.

适应范围Scope of adaptation


It can meet the dyeing requirements of different weight  width fabrics, ensure that a cycle is completed in 3 minutes without reducing the dye content.

●环保More environmen tlly friendly

低耗水量Low water consumption

低能耗Low energy consumption

低排放量Low emissions

低耗电量Low power consumption

标准结构Standard structure

●机身和染液接触主要部分均采用牌号为SUS316L距离抗腐蚀不锈钢制造The fuselage  all main parts in contact with dye solution are made of SUS3 16L highly corrosion resistant stainless steel.


High efciency stainless steel centrifugal pump,variable frequency soft start


The hoist roll is driven by motor controlled by frequency converter


Two-stage adjustable nozzle


Fabric folding device for cloth groove


The twisting self-dissolving device on fabric


Pneumatic control heating  cooling valves with temperature control function.


Pneumatic Valves for Inlet  Discharge Functions


Built-in spray cleaning device


High efficiency heat exchanger


Pressure  exhaust system for fuselage


Level in dicator equipped with level sensor


Pigment barrel equipped with feeding pump,valve  mixing function


Distribution roll


Multi-core control cable.


Backup filter


All Stainless Steel Working Platform


Fully automatic main con trol box con troller技术数据

technical data


Bath ratio:1:5-7

●高速度:3 50米/分钟.

High Speed:350 m/min.

●高工作温度:140℃High working temperature:140 ℃


Temperature rise rate:25-100 averaging 3 per minute,100-130 averaging 2.5 per minute(1000-dry saturated vapor pressure is 0.5 Mpa)


Cooling rate:130-100 average 3 min,100 85 average 2 rmin(ooling water is 0.3 Mpa,25)